Patriot Park – The Extreme Shooting Range of World Shoot Russia 2017

    Russia is hosting the first ever Rifle World Championship in IPSC history.

    The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation seems to do everything they can to offer an unforgettable week of rifle shooting.


    The heart of IPSC rifle competition will be the “Patriot Park” shooting range, designed for practicing sports rifle, military training, demonstration and testing of small arms. It’s ideal for competitions and training in practical shooting.


    The Center includes:

    1 shooting bay 1400 meters in length

    21 shooting bays 300 meters long

    10 shooting bays 50 meters in length

    32 shed before every shooting bay with stands for spectators and participants

    Center of “Kalashnikov” Concern with weapons storage facilities, changing rooms and restaurant

    Asphalt roads and sidewalks along the entire shooting range

    Below: Concept photo.


    Worth noting is that in IPSC Rifle, the distance to targets is normally 5-300 meters. Only occasionally are there targets beyond 300 meters, partly due to limits with shooting ranges.

    To be able to offer over 21 shooting bays with 300 meter potential is extreme, never seen anything like it.


    The width of the shooting range – more than 2,500 meters

    The height of the protective shaft – from 6 to 15 meters

    Capacity of grandstands – more than 2,000 people

    Area shooting range – more than 160 hectares

    Below: Concept photo 2.


    Construction work is now being done and the expected completion date is the end of February 2017.

    According to the webpage, there are hundreds of people working everyday to finish the range.

    The confirmed dates for the RWC 2017:

    May 28 IROA Level II Seminar
    May 29 First Aid Seminar – Officials arrive
    May 30 Officials at the range
    May 31 Final inspection
    June 1-3 Pre match
    June 4 Opening ceremony
    June 5-9 Main match
    June 10 Shoot Off and Awards.

    After the awards, I guess we can say which is better, the AK or the AR?

    See for yourself at the official RWS 2017 webpage.

    See you there!

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