East German KK-MPI-69 .22 LR Trainers in the wild

    The East German Kleinkaliber-Maschinenpistole Modell 69 .22 Long Rifle Kalashnikov Trainer is one of the more peculiar relics of the Cold War. It is one of the few .22 LR trainers completely modeled after a full size, working issue rifle (not a conversion kit), and actually used by a military (not commercially produced). East Germany took a number of parts from the 7.62x39mm KKMPI 69, and produced a select fire .22 LR trainer, to be used within military marksmanship, and by youth groups within East Germany. Around 50,000 were produced, and at the end of the Cold War it appears all 50,000 were destined to be scrapped. Nevertheless, some made their way to Switzerland, and a very small portion were chopped up, and exported to the United States as parts kits, where there is very little demand or interest in them. Small Arms Review has an excellent and detailed write up of the rifle.


    However, a small number appear to be in circulation among personal collections within Iraq today. Not parts kits, but actual rifles that survived the scrapping in East Germany. Buyers and sellers there realize what they have, it not being a 7.62x39mm, and it appears many are simply interested in having a select fire .22 LR variant of the Kalashnikov.

    Some in the United States have ventured into producing the KKMPI 69 from the various parts kits available. An example is shown-


    This one in Argentina-



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