SSVI Tyr Trigger for Glock Pistols

    SSVI makes a drop-in Glock trigger called Tyr (a Norse God name). They offer the Tyr triggers both as an assembly with the trigger bar and the trigger shoe assemblies only. SSVI has a version of Tyr trigger virtually for all models of Gen3 and Gen4 Glock pistols.

    Tyr -1

    Tyr triggers are made of aluminum and have an¬†anodized finish. Being true drop-in parts they don’t require any other operations than conventional disassembly and reassembly to install them. The main feature of Tyr triggers is the geometry of the shoe itself. It has a changed curve compared to the stock trigger, which allows the user to have better leverage when pressing the trigger. According to many reports, that feature alone makes Tyr trigger feel better and lighter than the original Glock one. This is a pretty clever achievement considering that all other parts of the gun including the trigger bar are original Glock parts. So by changing the trigger shoe geometry SCCI managed to make a better trigger without altering any critical parts (springs, sear engagements surfaces etc.). Glock’s legendary reliability is also not sacrificed for a better trigger.¬†Tyr g43_1

    Tyr triggers come in four versions:

    1. For standard frame Glocks (G17, G18, G19, G22, G23, G24, G26, G27, G31, G32, G33, G34, G35, G37),
    2. For large frame Glocks (G20, G21, G29, G30, G30SF, G40, G41),
    3. Glock 42 trigger
    4. Glock 43 trigger

    All the triggers are priced at $150. If you want to buy only the trigger shoe assembly (without the trigger bar), then you need to pay $10 less.



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