Scorpion – Russian Ammunition Belt Storage/Feeding Backpack System

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H

Russian company “FRONT – Tactical Systems” has developed, patented and manufactures a backpack style ammunition belt storage and feeding system called Scorpion. It works with 7.62x54R ammunition and with PKM machine gun and its versions.

Russian special forces requested such a feeding system a long time ago and the FRONT finally came up with a solution. Scorpion system allows the machine gunners to carry more ammunition and at the same time have all the ammunition readily available, without a need to reload. The system holds 550 rounds of 7.62x54R ammunition on standard PKM non-disintegrating belts. The main backpack compartment contains 475 rounds and there are additional 75 rounds in the feeding arm. The ammunition is held in a metal case which is then placed inside the backpack. So if the backpack gets damaged, the mentioned case can be placed inside any other backpack with similar dimensions. Scorpion’s backpack has the following dimensions: 18″x12″x4″.

The feeding arm is made of a high strength steel with a special anti-corrosion coating. It is pretty long (5.25 feet (160 cm)), which makes weapon manipulations relatively easy with the system attached. The feeding arm attaches to the ammunition can attachment bracket on PK type machine guns.

The backpack and feeding arm cover come in many color and camouflage options: black, tan, OD green, coyote brown, foliage green, ACU etc.

The Scorpion system is available through the manufacturer’s website at 36900 rubles, which is equal to about $580. There is no information about the availability or ordering possibility for US customers.

Here are some videos demonstrating the Scorpion system:


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Hrachya H
Hrachya H

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