Jam Mags With Buck’s Ammo Ram

    As I have stated in the past, I don’t mind loading magazines – when time permits. For those more urgent times, or for times where you have more than a few mags to load, a device to saves time (and your thumbs) is a welcome sight. Buck’s Ammo Ram is a new device that allows users to load loose or stripper clip ammo into AR mags quickly and easily.

    Although I have yet to give it a try, the device itself seems simple enough to use. If you prefer your ammo loaded onto stripper clips, just place the whole ten round clip into the ram and push the slide home. Repeat two more times to load a full magazine within an advertised 10 seconds. For loose rounds, line up the cartridges into the feed area and again, push the ram into the magazine.

    How does the Ram compare with my trusty Mag-Lula? Price wise, the definitive edge goes to the Lula. As for the function, the Ram appears to load more rounds faster. For now, we will just have to wait for some real world reports.

    Check your stockings and report back. I could see the Ammo Ram being a solid Christmas gift for your favorite AR shooter.

    Buck's Ammo Ram @TFB

    Buck’s Ammo Ram @TFB

    Buck's Ammo Ram @TFB

    Buck’s Ammo Ram @TFB

    Bucks Ammo Ram Specifications:

    • All metal construction
    • Loads stripper clips and loose ammo
    • Compatible with 223/5.56 AR-15 magazines steel and plastic including P-Mags, Hex Mags…
    • Compact – 8” x 1” x 1.5”
    • 100% made in USA
    • MSRP: $79.95


    Buck’s Ammo Ram

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