FN DeFNder M3P Machine Gun

    The FN DeFNder is a remote weapon station that can accomodate any of FN Herstal’s machine guns. The weapon platform looks rather stable in full auto as you can see in the video below. The RWS can be mounted to an armored vehicle or even a boat for Naval purposes. It has cameras that can see in day or night. Machine guns can be replaced and interchanged in minutes.


    The combined low silhouette and elevation/depression angles of the deFNder® Medium fitted with the FN
    M3R™ machine gun are unique on the market:
    –   Above deck height: Less than 630mm
    –   Above deck weight: <205 kg fully loaded
    –   Elevation angles:[-40°; +70°]

    •    Modular

    The deFNder® Medium can accept either of the following FN machine guns:
    –    FN MINIMI® 5.56 (5.56x45mm NATO cal)
    –    FN MINIMI® 7.62 (7.62x51mm NATO cal)
    –    FN MAG® (7.62x51mm NATO cal)
    –    FN M2HB-QCB™ (.50 cal)
    –    FN M3R™ (.50 cal)
    and 40mm AGL

    Replacement of one machine gun with another one takes a few minutes, with no specific tools required.

    As part of modularity, the customer can choose among a number of qualified day/sight modules (CCD + IR uncooled or cooled). Additionally, the deFNder® Medium is available with a one-hand or game pad control handle, and a standard or higher capacity ammunition box.

    •    Customizable solution
    A large number of options are available on request, such as two-axis gyroscopic stabilization, ballistic protection, target tracking, image stabilization and weapon protective cover.

    •    Complete service package
    In addition to the remote weapon station, FN Herstal provides everything the customer needs for rapid deployment. This includes associated weapon(s), ammunition, technical documentation, technical support, operator’s and maintenance training, and installation of the deFNder® Medium onto the platform.

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