SIG SAUER Introduces Two New Rangefinders: KILO2200 MR and KILO2400ABS


    SIG SAUER’s Electro-Optics division has been one of the busier optical outfits this year, cranking out a variety of sights, scopes and rangefinders for the shooting and hunting markets. I’ve got two of their products currently for review, the KILO850 and the BRAVO4. Both of these have shown themselves to be excellent performers so far and speak well of the line as a whole.

    New for the coming year, SIG SAUER introduced a pair of new rangefinders: the KILO2200 MR and the KILO2400 ABS.

    KILO2200 MR

    The KILO2200 MR is a 7×25 monocular that offers both line of sight and angle modified readings. It has a relatively fast computer in it, offering ranging in as little as 0.23 seconds with up to four updates per second.

    For reflective targets, it can range beyond 2 miles. A deer can be ranged at 1,300 yards while something a bit larger can be accurately ranged even farther.

    The unit weighs only 7.5 ounces with a battery and carries a MSRP of $599.99

    KILO2400 ABS

    If you are serious about long range shooting, this unit might appeal to you. SIG SAUER teamed up with Applied Ballistics to create what it calls is the “ultimate long distance ballistic rangefinder.” The KILO2400 ABS has an embedded Applied Ballistics calculator that can pair with your iPhone or Android device to apply custom profiles, drag curves, etc.

    Additionally, the unit has built in environmental sensors to offer wind speed, direction and more. The unit has an OLED display, magnesium housing and a whole host of features that can help ensure you get the best information possible to make the ballistic equivalent of a long distance dedication. Make sure you go to their site and read more if this sounds like something you need.

    It can range to two miles on a reflective target and 1,400 yards on a deer. The MSRP is $1,799.99.

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