POTD: Gentleman-Ly Steyr

    Is this a picture from the new Kingsman: The Golden Circle, sequal to Kingsman: The Secret Service? Nah, its just my friend Dickson Ly on a factory tour of Steyr in Austria. What is most intriguing is what he is holding in his hands. It is a rare Steyr ACR. It was developed for the US ARMY’s ACR program. It shoots flechette rounds. The ACR similarities to the AUG but there are some drastic differences. If you notice, the magazine is almost to the very rear of the gun. The action is like a falling block. The chamber would drop down and the round would be inserted into the chamber. Pull the trigger and the chamber is raised by springs and fired. As it cycles, the chamber lowers and the new round pushes the old round forward and out an ejection port.

    According to Dickson, the Steyr ACR hasn’t been photographed in about 30 years. There is more interesting stuff to come from his Steyr tour. Stay Tuned.