FN PS90 – Supreme Bling Edition

    Wait. Just hear me out. Before you start yelling at your computer screen or phone about “abominations”  or “hideousness” I’d like you to take a closer look at the detail that went into modifying this one-of-a-kind FN PS-90. And yes, this is the real deal, not some airsoft mockup.

    Unique Firearms recently posted this gold plated build on their Instagram feed. Although they did not return any comments related to their business or specifics on the build, browsing the rest of the guns they have modified over the years it appears Unique Firearms has a discriminating client list. Pistols, ARs, AKs and more are all modified to the extreme. Featuring detailed engraving, a range of finishes and other customizations normally only seen on movie guns, Unique Firearms is not your ordinary builder.

    Back to the topic at hand – yes this custom FN looks like something Elvis might want in his collection (you know, if he was alive). But judging from the dates associated with the build process, the craftsmanship that went into the final product took almost a year to complete. Although it isn’t not my style, I can appreciate the level of detail it took to build such a unique gun.

    Final question: How much would you guess this PS90 cost the customer?

    Supreme Bling

    24k PS90


    24k PS90


    24k PS90


    24k PS90


    24k PS90


    24k PS90



    Supreme Bling PS90


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