How To Build An AR BCG The Wrong Way With Rock River Arms

    Recently I was attending an AR-15 armorers course (I will be posting about the experience later) and the instructor showed us this gem of a youtube video put out by Rock River Arms.

    Rock River’s marketing department felt that producing a video where they taught the masses the Rock River way of building a bolt carrier group was just the ticket to sell more components. Great idea in theory, as long as you fact check the process you are using. Watch the below video and see if you identify all the shortcomings in Jake the “Assembly Specialist’s” build process.

    I hope that you noticed how many steps in the process that Jake botched. My instructor, William Larson, went over the video in detail.

    • Installs ejector incorrectly. Jake should have used the tool that holds the ejector in place. (Note: The tool is not absolutely needed, but is the right way to do it.)
    • Doesn’t use roll pin punch or roll pin punch starter, uses flat face punch. This could deform the roll pin and lead to maintenance issues.
    • Uses pliers to install extractor spring. Could crush spring and cause malfunction.
    • Uses punch and vice to install extractor pivot pin,the pin should slide in without issue when pressing the tail of the extractor.
    • Spreads myth about staggering gas rings. (IT DOESN’T MATTER !!!!)
    • Incorrectly quotes gas key torque at 70 inch pounds instead of the 58 outlined in the milspec.
    • Does not use a torque wrench to torque things.
    • Stakes the gas key with a punch instead of a staking tool, barely dents the side of the gas key.

    While I appreciate what Rock River was trying to do, I would have liked to see them present factual information instead of continuing the flow of bullshit information about AR-15s.

    Check out Semper Paratus Arms on their website HERE. William Larson is a walking, talking, bearded AR-15 encyclopaedia that is fueled by doughnuts and coffee. I hope that you know where to find Rock River Arms, if not I guess you can click HERE.