How The Deregulation Of Silencers Will Help Airgunners

    Our recent segment on the American Suppressor Association and the subsequent support of the Hearing Protection Act was well received. As a reminder, even though we are all feeling the positive vibes from a promising pro-gun political climate, now more than ever we all need to continue our support of the organizations who work hard to preserve our second amendment rights. So if you have yet to join, the ASA, please do so. Today I’d like to speak directly to a unlikely segment of our community – Airgunners.

    In my previous story, “David” commented on an important fact I had forgotten. The airgun community also stands to benefit from the deregulation of silencers. A move away from the National Firearms Act will allow non-powderburning shooters to buy, make and service their silencers much easier than regulations currently allow.

    You see, even though airguns are not classified as firearms under the U.S. Code, the devices designed to make them quieter can be covered under NFA control. Airguns that are suppressed must follow a strict set of conditions to ensure that they cannot be used on actual firearms. Either they come suppressed from the factory and are “permanently” installed or the guns are retrofitted by one of a few qualified dealers.

    Alternatively, individual makers can install silencer-type devices under the auspices of “lead dust collectors” or “barrel shrouds” that aren’t advertised as silencers. These builders are forced to walk a fine line between manufacturing a device for their airguns and not a silencer that can be attached to an actual firearm.

    Frustrating, right?




    Airgun Suppressors & NFA Deregulation @ TFB


    Airgun Suppressors & NFA Deregulation @ TFB


    Airgun Suppressors & NFA Deregulation @ TFB

    Now, for those of you who may be turning up your nose at the airgunning community, let me remind you that these shooters also share our passion for power and precision. Modern airguns range from .25 to .50 caliber and are on par with many of our favorite guns. I ask you to welcome them in our support of the ASA and the Hearing Protection Act.

    We are, of course, stronger together as a unified voice.

    Join the American Suppressor Association today. 


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