“Redneck Science” – Shooting HPA Tanks

    22Plinkser is at it with his latest video, tackling the question, “What will happen if you shoot charged, 3,500 PSI air tanks?” While we all know the general answer (awesome explosion), its nonetheless highly entertaining to see one shoot a high-pressure vessel with a high-velocity projectile.

    For reference, the tanks hold around 3,500 PSI (pounds per square inch) of high-pressure air. HPA, as its commonly known, is simply standard “air” as we breathe compressed down. As a basis of reference, the detonation of a 5.56 NATO cartridge in a correct chamber produces about 62,000 PSI, or about 20x the pressure of these carbon-fiber wrapped vessels.

    With an awesome sense of an irony, 22Plinkster forgoes his standard explosive 22 Long Rifle loads for an airgun, specifically the .45 “Texan” air rifle from Air Force. Sadly, the result is with the air rifle is rather anticlimactic as the tanks defeat the 500 ft-lbs slug with relative ease due to the metal internal container.

    Stepping up to some proper firepower with a .308 Winchester the results are quite spectacular. The tanks fail in a spectacular manner managing to throw a tank almost 75 hit, hitting Plinkster himself. When containment is lost, the pressurized air lets loose with a fury.

    If you want to see some “Redneck Science”, check our 22Plinkster’s video below:

    Nathan S

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