[Nightforce 2016] Carbon Fiber Tripod

    Nightforce Optics is brining a tripod to market, one that is very versatile and innovative compared to current tripods for sale. It has removable 4 section legs, that can then be used as walking poles while hiking or trekking. In addition, these legs can also be used for an improvised shooting position as shooting sticks. The feet of these legs have spikes that can be covered up by a standard rubber pad, or exposed for rocky terrain. The center pole can be unscrewed, and taken off, in addition to it having a lower portion that can be screwed on top, thus brining the tripod to a very low position while being used in the prone (provided the legs are fixed at an angle). The ball head has a panning handle, in addition to the classical Nightforce Turret cover affixed to the adjustment handle.


    DSC07695 DSC07711 DSC07710 DSC07700 DSC07713 DSC07718 DSC07717 DSC07716 DSC07730 DSC07723 DSC07727 DSC07732

    The idea came about because of requests by Nightforce users that wanted a tripod to go along with their spotting scopes from the company that currently do not come with any Nightforce tripod or an after market one.

    The entire system folds upwards for storage, thus minimizing the amount of space it takes up while in transit. It retails for $375, and will be available from Nightforce by SHOT 2017.


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