Prices for Breda AR15 B4 line in Russia

    In 2014 I saw the first Breda AR-15s at the IWA exhibition.

    Probably most famous for their semi-automatic hunting shotguns, it was a bit of a surprise to find AR-15s in Breda’s stand. Named the “B4 line” they are considered as as relatively competitively-priced, high-quality AR-15 variants for sport shooters. I wouldn’t say that the brand is too common among AR15 shooters.

    The upper and lower receivers are machined in Italy out of billet, then forged in Germany under Breda specifications. All moving parts, including bolts and bolt carriers, are manufactured in-house by Breda.

    According to my information, the barrels are also machined by Breda, out of Lothar Walther 11.5″, 14.5″ and 20″ blanks.

    Caliber choice is easy: .223 Remington/5.56x45mm.

    Below: Breda B4-C, with a 11,8″ bull barrel from Lothar Walther. To set you back 5 000 USD in Russia, in semi-auto. I doubt fully automatic is available for civilians.


    Below: Breda B4-A with a 14,5″ bull barrel from Lothar Walther with a 1/8 twist.

    It uses a Yankee 9.3″ diamond series THM 9633 DX 4 rail Systems with a standard trigger system.

    Price – hold on –  5 400 USD.



    Below: The Breda B4-SE, 20″ bull barrel, Lothar Walther 1/9 twist. Comes with Yankee Hill Machine 15″ TJ and Competition Series THM-5009-TJ. The trigger is Timney AR-15. The grip is an Ergo Grip with Palm Shelf. Magpul stock. Yours from only 6 000 USD in Russia.



    The Breda B4 line


    The Breda AR15s are sold in Russia by

    They seem to have a really nice shop, but the prices are quite different from Europe. Compared to the US, they are sky high.

    Here’s a video of the Breda B4-SE in Russian, but subtitles seem to work.


    Below: Mr. Sebastien Marcon shooting for Gold at the WPC Multigun Intro Match in New Zealand 2016. He shots the Breda AR15 and a Breda B12i shotgun.


    Any more examples where the prices of firearms like AR15 are legal, but sky high?

    Eric B

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