Griffin Armament Introduces Modular Lightweight “M2” BUIS

    Griffin Armament has been making quite a splash moving through the market outside their well-regarded suppressors. Previously, they released AR furniture and in October, released their HEDP (High Endurance, Dual Purpose) series of barrels. Now, they’ve set their sights on… sights! Griffin Armament has announced their latest offering, the Micro Modular Sights(TM), referred to as the M2 sights.

    The new sights focus on modularity, with the ability to mount the sights either on the horizontal plane or on a 45 degree offset, either right or left! To do this, the sights are offered as stand-alone units that mount to a rail via a single dovetailed rail adapter held in place by a hex-key screw. The screw mounts through the sight and modular base to put pressure directly on the rail.

    Outside the welcome inclusion of modular mounting, the sights themselves are quite the ticket. They are extremely low profile and light weight, clocking in at just 2.5 ounces mounted for the pair (horizontal mounting). Further, they are not manufactured from polymer, instead using stronger 17-4 stainless steel, which is then QPQ treated for corrosion resistance, strength, and to a black coloration.

    The front sight is compatible with standard AR-15 front sight posts, adjusted via the common detent system. The rear is a fixed size aperture, adjustable for windage. Both front and rear will require a tool for adjustment.

    The sights are available now as stand-alone items ($72 for either), a full kit ($184.95 – with both offset and horizontal mounts), and as an offset pair ($144). Individual mounting plates can also be purchased directly from Griffin Armament. 


    Nathan S

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