Dronegun, the Tactical Drone Jammer

    By the year 2020 there are 12 million UAVs and drones expected to be around. Most will be used for fun, but needless to say, some of these will be used for potentially illegal activities and surveillance and possibly terrorism.

    As a reply, Droneshield from Australia have developed the Dronegun as a safe countermeasure against a wide range of drone models.

    Firstly, to detect drones, Droneshield have a number of sensors that can detect drones from 200 up to 1000 meters.

    Below: Dronegun with the DroneShield Long Range sensor to the right.


    Secondly, where legally possible, the DroneGun Jammer can be deployed.

    (In some jurisdictions interfering with a drone in a civilian environment is not legal in a number of countries, as they are considered private.)


    According to the manufacturer, the Jammer works up to 2000 meters. When a drone is jammed, it is often programmed to do either a safe landing (vertical controlled) or return to the starting point. The later will help in finding the operator, and the safe landing will help if there’s any explosive payload on the drone. The drone also remains intact and available for forensic investigation.

    I guess the drone goes into some kind of “safe mode”, when it loses the signal from the owner/controller.

    The Drone gun is shaped as a rifle and comes with a backpack. Only one person is needed to operate the “rifle”.




    Jammer Specifications: Voltage: 16.8+/-0.1V

    Runtime: 2hr

    Charging time: 90min

    Max distance: Up to 2km

    Jammer frequencies: 2.38Ghz-2.483Ghz. 5.725Ghz-5.825Ghz

    GPS (optional) GLONASS (optional)

    Battery Specifications: Lithium-Ion, V-Mount Batteries, 14.8V, 90wh, 0.9kg

    Dimensions: Sensor body: 85cm x 18cm x 27cm

    Body Weight: 5.7 kg


    The design seems to be a Quad-rail Picatinny with antennas / jammers all around, with a red dot on top. Magpul butt-stock I think. Essentially an empty AR-15 filled with electronics.


    Looks like a Leupold Deltapoint. I think there are more efficient raisers available, but perhaps not readily available in Australia?


    Spacegun looks, but most likely more efficient (and stealthier) than a shotgun with buckshots in most cases.



    The Dronegun is demonstrated in this video.

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