First Edge Tactical Skinner Knife

    First Edge Tactical Skinner

    First Edge Knives & Tools announced a new fixed blade knife called the Outdoorsman’s Tactical Skinner. The new knife has a 4.3″ long blade with a full tang for an overall length of 9.4″ The blade thickness is 0.21″ and it is made of ELMAX steel. The blade has a drop point design with a black oxide finish.

    For those with only a passing interest in knives,ELMAX is a kind of stainless steel that is said to be relatively hard (60-61 HRC) with a good resistance to corrosion and wear.ELMAX, like many other steels, has its fans and detractors. I’ve seem some describe it as a super steel while others say it is merely a medium performance steel. Other knives, like the MM01K Minuteman, also useELMAX.

    At the base of the knife, the pommel is designed with a striking point. Additionally, the knife has a hole for a lanyard.

    First Edge Knives & Tools opted for the popular G10 material for the grips. I’ve found that G10 tends to provide a very good gripping surface and doesn’t seem to be affected by much of anything.

    The knife comes with a synthetic sheath made of Kydex and nylon. The company claims to use an “innovative locking system” that prevents the knife from accidentally escaping the sheath.

    The MSRP on the knife is $250.

    Richard Johnson

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