Warner Tool Company “Flat Line” Projectiles

    Warner Tool Company (WTC) is specialized in manufacturing of precision long range shooting products. They produce precision rifle sights, complete rifles, reloading dies, shooting accessories and a line of bullets called Flat Line Projectiles.

    Werner - bullet

    Warner bullets are designed for needs of military special operation units and extreme long range shooters. They offer 7mm, .308, .338 and .375 caliber rifle bullets.

    Werner - dimensions

    Here is a chart showing the weights, ballistic coefficients and minimum twist rates of all WTC bullets:

    Warner Tool Company - Bullet Chart

    WTC claims that their projectiles’ performance exceeds that of competitors by about 20%. They also say that their bullets have higher BCs than others at any given bullet weight. According to WTC, each of their bullets shoots with as flat trajectory as would next lower weight bullet do, at the same time having a ballistic coefficient of the next higher weight bullets of competitors. In other words, Warner bullets have higher BCs and velocities as well as flatter trajectories than other bullets of the same weight. Of course, considering all other factors (barrel length, powder type and charge weight, twist rate etc.) to be the same.

    Depending on the caliber and bullet weight, prices for Flat Line Projectiles vary from $65 to $85 per box of 50 bullets.

    It would be interesting to see some technical explanation of how they manage to achieve such results, but there is no such information available yet.

    Here are some other products of Warner Tool Company:

    Warner Tool Company - Sight

    WTC rifle sights

    Warner Tool Company - Rifle

    WTC custom rifle

    Werner - die

    WTC reloading dies


    Warner Tool Company - Logo

    Warner Tool Company

    Website: www.warner-tool.com
    Address: 201 Old Homestead Hwy.N. Swanzey, NH 03431
    Phone: 603-352-9521
    E-mail: [email protected]

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