NEW: Crimson Trace Linq Wireless Light/Laser

    Like most modern shooters, my tech side is in an eternal battle with the analog part of my life. On the one hand, third generation night vision is something I can see researching to death. On the other hand, a simple lever action rifle with well-finished wood is pure heaven.  Anyway, the Crimson Trace Linq wireless light/laser combo definitely strokes my techie side. But is it suitable for practical defensive use?

    First, I do hate contorting my support hand into a position that can reliably work a light. I have yet to find one that fits my style. Second, tape switches, wires and inserts always seem to be asking for trouble by melting or getting snagged on other gear.

    Reversing the logic, however, a wireless switch to activate a weapon light is going to face some (a lot of) scrutiny. Not only does the shooter have to worry about a light battery, but the switch will need one as well. As for the grip, I guess you are tethered to the Crimson Trace profile, which could be great, but I’d rather see them partner with a company like Magpul (like KRISS did) for a more proven design. Lastly, the potential for wireless interference or failure is real – albeit probably small.

    Then there’s the price – considering you are getting a light and green laser with wireless controls, $650 isn’t awful. But it is a considerable amount of money when a complete rifle can be had for about $100 more.

    EIther way, this is innovation. And we should be happy to have it in our industry.


    Crimson Trace Linq

    From the Crimson Trace Linq Product Page:

    Presenting LiNQ™: The World’s First Wireless Laser & White Light System.

    LiNQ combines a Green Laser Sight and 300 Lumen LED White Light with Instinctive Activation™ for AR-Type Modern Sporting Rifles (AR-15, AR-10, M4, M16, HK416). Utilizing a secure, individual wireless connection, LiNQ offers complete wireless control of the laser and light module. The replacement grip is ergonomically designed for quick activation and mode changes, eliminating the need to reach for the rifle’s forend to operate. The green laser sight, coupled with a powerful tactical light, offers high visibility in all lighting conditions, making LiNQ the ultimate illumination and targeting solution.

    Crimson Trace Linq – 4 Modes of Operation

    • Laser + Light
    • Laser Only
    • Light Only
    • Laser + Light Strobe
    Crimson Trace Linq Wireless light laser

    Crimson Trace Linq


    Crimson Trace Linq


    Crimson Trace Linq

    MSRP: $649.00


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