Ruger 10/22 Custom Parts by KIDD Innovative Design

    KIDD Innovative Design manufactures aftermarket Ruger 10/22 upgrade parts and complete custom rifles. It is a privately owned company located in McQueeney, TX. Let’s take a look at some of their products:


    KIDD makes both single stage and two stage drop-in trigger units for Ruger 10/22 rifles. Trigger guards are made of 6061 T6 billet aluminum and the trigger mechanism parts are CNC machined from tool steel.

    The single stage trigger is possible to adjust from 1 1/2 to 5 lb by turning the adjustment screw. This unit is priced at $235.

    In two stage trigger unit, the trigger weight can be adjusted and distributed between the stages according to your specifications. KIDD has their two stage trigger patented.

    KIDD - Two stage trigger

    For the two stage trigger unit, they also offer two trigger blade shapes and colors, as well as several types of interchangeable magazine release levers.

    KIDD - trigger spurs

    KIDD magazine release levers

    Different magazine release levers


    KIDD offers a number of 10/22 barrel options including match stainless steel barrels, bull and tapered contoured ones, aluminum sleeved barrels etc. They also have two fluting types: conventional and “specialty”.

    KIDD barrel fluted

    KIDD barrel specialty fluted

    KIDD specialty fluting

    Barrel prices vary from $185 to $255, depending on type, profile and fluting style.


    KIDD bolts are CNC machined and have some custom features such as radiused and polished edges, precise headspace etc. They also offer all kinds of custom bolt components: bolt handles, firing pins, recoil springs, extractors etc.

    KIDD bolt

    KIDD charging handles

    The bolt is priced at $99.95.


    KIDD also manufactures Ruger 10/22 custom receivers, scope bases and barreled actions. Their receivers are machined from billet aluminum and come with an interchangeable Picatinny rail installed. The receivers also have rear cleaning hole and several other minor features. Receivers come with either black or clean anodized finish. KIDD receiver will cost you $172.

    KIDD receivers


    KIDD Innovative Design also manufactures many other Ruger 10/22 parts, such as muzzle brakes, thread protectors, scope bases, magazines, pins etc.


    Website: ;
    Address: 2633 Terminal Loop Rd., McQueeney, TX. 78123
    Phone: 830-557-KIDD(5433)
    Email Address:[email protected]

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