[Nightforce 2016] New Daniel Defense Rifles, DD Magazine

    Along with the Nightforce products, Daniel Defense was present at Nightforce 2016 with a number of rifle developments and news. Due to unprecedented demand and growth, Daniel Defense will be expanding their current production building in Savanah, Georgia from 130,000 sq ft, to a 250,000 sq ft building next June. The most recent item on the companies product list is the DD magazine, a 32 round (on closed bolt), blend of Carbon fiber and polymer. On the bottom of the magazine there is a neat Ranger plate/tab that aids in grip as well as impact absorbing, very similar to Magpul’s original entry product. They came in a pack of 12 to dealers, and sell for around $20.

    DSC07769 DSC07780 DSC07773 DSC07774 DSC07772 DSC07778

    New for 2017 in the rifle department is the DDM4 V7 PRO with M-Lok instead of Keymod or picatinny rails. The rifle is Daniel Defense’s foray into the competition market.

    Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 11.29.39 AM

    Essentially the entire semi-automatic portions (Gas Guns in PRS speak) of the Nightforce Shoot were shot with .308 Win DD5 V1 rifles. The rifles were used for steel target engagements and drills out to 400 meters, in addition to making shots at 800 meters as well. All had Nightforce scopes mounted on them. I was surprised at how consistent the DD5s were at the longer ranges, given the telescoping stocks.

    DSC06989 DSC06981 DSC06987 DSC07019 DSC07022 DSC07023 DSC07027 The company also had the .308 Ambush rifle out, essentially a .308 Win DD5 rifle intended for the hunting market with the Realtree Xtra camouflage pattern.

    DSC06927 DSC06939 DSC06951 DSC06974

    Although not present, the Ambush rifle is also offered in Kryptek Highlander



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