Two New Henry Shotguns And A Single Shot Rifle For 2017

Patrick R
by Patrick R

Following Henry’s successful attempt at a world record 1,000 man shoot they have announced the introduction of a slew of firearms that should excite many shooters. After all, lever action shotguns are commonplace in some parts of the world; they are considered fascinating in the United States.

The most exciting introduction is the lever action .410 shotgun. Sure, it would be great if they had offered other chamberings as well, but it is a step in the right direction for lever action shotgun lovers. It appears that the new scattergun is built on a Big Boy style action, sadly I couldn’t find a great picture to confirm this. It appears that prices will start at $902 and will go up from there.

In addition to the lever action .410, Henry has also announced there will be a single shot option for those looking for a light, compact shotgun. Since the Pardner series was discontinued a while back there hasn’t been much on the market in the way of single shot long guns. The new shotguns will be offered in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410. MSRP will start at $427 for the steel and $549 for the brass models.

Lastly, Henry will be utilizing the same single shot action to produce rifles chambered in .308, .223, .45-70, .44 Mag, and .243. The rifles will carry an MSRP that is identical to their shotgun siblings and will be offered in many of the same configurations. I suspect that the shotguns and rifles are of the same design as the NEF guns I mentioned earlier, we will have to wait to put our hands on them before we can make that determination.

Click HERE to visit the Henry Repeating Arms website to learn more. Start the video at the 19:30 mark to see the new firearms.

Patrick R
Patrick R

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