DIY Gunbuilder Royal Nonesuch Says Youtube Hates Him

    You either love him or hate him, no matter how you lean; the fact remains. Royal Nonesuch is as much a part of the online shooting community as our own James, Miles, Edward O., myself, and even Youtube giants like IV8888 and Hickok45.

    What affects our goofy friend that has a penchant for building guns out of old pipes, flare guns, and used waffle irons will influence our community as a whole. Youtubers rely on ad revenue as well as other forms of income to purchase supplies like ammo, materials, firearms, and even cover their time. After all making passable content on Youtube is a time-consuming task.

    With Royal losing about a video a day, especially the most popular videos with the most earning potential, is rather troubling for gun lovers as a whole. How long before advertisers decide that guns are distasteful and cut all funding to these gun channels that rely on it? Services like Patreon (TFBTV has its own Patreon, 95% of the costs come out of our pockets, not TFB’s) only help so much. Before long I fear we may see a mass exodus of the big gun channels to Full30 or remaining on Youtube but selling ad space in their videos to make sure the costs are covered.

    Anyhow, the video is posted below. Take a moment to watch it and think about how this might affect your favorite gun-related Youtube channel. (Hint: it’s TFBTV)