David Blaine Shoots Himself

    Two weeks ago I posted about David Blaine getting shot in the mouth with a .22. Click here to read that article. Well just last week Tuesday on ABC, David Blaine had a new TV special called Beyond Magic. It was similar to the one I saw on Netflix. He shocks celebrities with card manipulation and other tricks along with regurgitating live frogs. But those tricks do not concern me. It was his Bullet Catch trick that caught my attention.

    Unlike the previous attempt, Blaine has taken the shooter out of the equation. This time he is using an Anschutz rifle with a laser zeroed at a fixed distance. He lines up the the cup in his mouth with the laser. Then he pulls a string attached to the trigger by a pulley and pulls the trigger himself.

    Blaine 4

    In the show he claimed that the bullet was twice as big and twice as fast. That did not make sense at first since it was still a .22LR. Once I saw the interaction of the bullet and the metal cup he uses to catch the bullet, then it made sense. In his first special, he must have been using a slow .22LR. Possibly a CCI Quiet or a sub sonic load. Then for this recent trick he stepped up to possibly a high velocity round. I’m not sure how he gets “it is twice the size” but I can see how it could be twice as fast.

    In last week’s show the mouth guard he uses to hold the cup shattered and the cup flew back into his mouth. Quite the result from the previous publicized attempt. Last time he was shot in the mouth the cup hardly moved.

    In order to work his way up to this spectacle he had someone shoot him at point blank range with a .38spl revolver while he wore a bullet proof vest.

    Blaine 1 blaine 5

    Here is a video explaining this stupid act.


    We here at TFB do not condone this and strongly urge you to not attempt this.

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