Amend2 AR-15 Magazines

    Amend2 is an AR-15 magazine manufacturing company located in Idaho Falls, ID. They produce 20 and 30 round polymer magazines.

    Amend2 - 20rnd

    Amend2 20 round magazine

    Amend2 - 30rnd

    Amend2 30 round magazine

    The magazines are made of impact resistance advanced polymer material (not specified) and it is possible to apply Cerakote on them. They are available in three color options: black, flat dark earth and OD green.

    Amend2 - colors

    Amend2 magazines have ribs on front and rear portions to aid gripping and manipulations. On one side of the magazine, it is embossed “AMEND2” with what looks to be a minuteman logo above it and the caliber information. On the other side, it has a large “Made in the USA” marking. They have red followers supposedly for quick identification of an unloaded mag. They also have a red digit “2” on the floorplate. The magazines also feature anti-tilt followers and stainless steel springs.

    A2 mag&ammo

    Amend2 also sells storage racks along with the magazines. Each storage holds six AR-15 magazines. The storage can be attached inside a gun safe or on any other surface using either screws or nylon coated magnets.


    Here is a YouTube video review of these mags:

    MSRP for the 20 round magazine is $15.95 and for the 30 round one it is $14.95. However, as it usually happens, you can find them at a much cheaper price on dealers’ websites. For example, has the 30 rounder in stock at price of $9.95. Set of six magazines with the storage is priced $99.9 on the manufacturer’s website.

    Although the market is flooded with all kinds of AR-15 magazines, it is always good to see new ones appearing in terms of competition on the market.



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    Idaho Falls, ID 83404
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