OPINION: Have Shotguns Jumped The Shark? I Think So

    In recent years, many of the experts in home defense have strayed away from the typical “just get a 12 gauge pump” line of thought. It seems that a good AR-15 or similar rifle is more often recommended to those seeking a means of defending their home. It appears that as a result of the shotgun being supported less and less in gun stores across the world and sales of the defensive style shotguns have seemingly slumped.

    For some reasons, shotguns seem to have experienced a resurgence of popularity thanks to the overly tactical style of shotguns. Bullpup kits for the popular shotguns like the 870 and 500 are all over the internet and there is even one out there for the Saiga 12 AK style shotguns.



    This is the point that I ask you, have shotguns jumped the shark? Are they still relevant in a defensive situation? I say they have made the leap towards irrelevant with the exception of sporting, hunting, and less lethal shotguns for MIL/LEO use.

    The DP12 seen below wears a limited edition snakeskin finish that I feel does an excellent job telegraphing the uselessness of the double barrel, double magazine behemoth. Below that is a Crye SIX12 with wood stocks. While cool, what benefit does something like that give the shooter? I contest that there is none other than roping a sucker in for a sale.

    Except for developments like the Serbu Super Shorty, there have not been many functional advances in shotguns designed for purposes other than hunting and sports shooting. With the near perfection of the AR-15 platform, I wish the slow folks behind the counter at the local gun store would stop telling people to buy a 12 gauge and just point it in the direction of the person you want to stop. Not only has it been shit advice all along, but it also could get someone hurt.

    As for why I feel they have jumped the shark? With the bulk of defensive style shotguns I have seen spoken about recently being scatterguns like the Keltec KSG, DP-12, UTAS-15, and other stupid shotguns, it seems that designs are circling the toilet bowl.

    Dear gun makers of America, stop marketing these stupid designs to people as a serious use firearm. StdMfg_CustomDP12-52-Edit__64784.1471361994.1280.1280  wood