Glock Magazine Floorplate / Glass Breaker

    DPM Systems Technologies Ltd. is a firearm accessories manufacturer from Athens, Greece. They are mainly specialized in making recoil reduction systems for rifles and pistols. They also manufacture Glock replacement magazine floorplate, which has an integral carbide tip working as a glass breaker.

    DPM Floorplate -3

    DPM Floorplate -4

    DPM Floorplate -5

    It is a drop-in accessory and simply replaces the factory floorplate. DPM Systems floorplates are made of polymer or aluminum and come in two different sizes. One size fits 9mm, .40S&W and .357 SIG chambered Glock magazines, and the other size fits .45ACP magazines. The aluminum version is offered only in black color, but the polymer one comes in four color options: black, desert tan, OD green and yellow.

    DPM Floorplate -6

    Here is a video from manufacturer’s YouTube channel showing how the glass breaker works:

    The US division (DPM Systems USA) of the manufacturer has only the polymer version of these floorplates listed. Regardless of size and color, they are priced at $34. The original Greek website has the aluminum version at €38, which is roughly equal to $40.5.

    Using these floorplates as a glass breaker looks to be relatively intuitive and convenient. However, I guess tapping the magazine to seat it in place and at the same time having this floorplate installed can be a pretty painful experience for your palm.


    DPM Systems Technologies Ltd.

    37 Mikras Asias str, Argiroupoli 16452, Athens, Greece
    Phone: +30 210 9617153
    Email: [email protected]
    DPM Systems USA

    Address: 530 S 8th St Las Vegas NV 89101
    Phone: 3107792107 [email protected]

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