Digital Trigger for AR-15 Rifles

    DigiTrigger is a drop-in AR-15 trigger, which adds a digitally controlled 1 lb trigger mode to your rifle. It is made by a company called Digital Trigger Systems.

    It is a hybrid system meaning that although it has a digital mode, it still retains the conventional mechanical trigger. So on traditional “safe” and “fire” positions of the safety selector, the rifle works just like any other AR-15 style rifle. And in those two modes it remains a pure mechanical trigger not relying on batteries.

    The digital mode is in place of the “full auto” selector position. When it is selected, the rifle’s trigger becomes a digital 1 lb trigger. Also on this mode a grip safety is actuated. It is also possible to switch to another digital mode, where a shot is fired not only when the trigger is pulled, but also when it is released. In order to choose between the 1 lb trigger and shot-on-release mode (a.k.a binary trigger) you need to push the proper button on the backstrap of the grip. Should you need to cancel the shot on release, you need to either keep the trigger pressed for six seconds or manually switch it back using the backstrap buttons.

    Digital Trigger - 1

    This digital trigger allows shooting much faster. Also, the lightweight 1 lb trigger should aid making much more accurate shots. The DigiTrigger also limits the rate of fire that you can reach to the point where you won’t be able to outrun the bolt carrier group. In other words, it won’t allow you to pull the trigger faster than BCG of your rifle cycles.

    Watch the manufacturer’s video for more details and demonstration of the system:

    Unfortunately, there is no information concerning the availability and pricing of the DigiTrigger.

    I think this is a promising concept among other attempts to digitize a rifle’s trigger mechanism. Its key feature to me is that it retains the mechanical trigger.




    Facebook: Digital Trigger Technologies

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