Brand New Lee Enfield No4 Mk2 Rifles For Sale On Armslist

    I think that each and every one of us longs for the days of $20 Enfields in a barrel at the hardware store, but sadly the golden age of milsurp rifles has come and gone. With the exception of the odd lot of Mosins or Mausers being offered for sale at a reasonably good price I doubt we will see anything like shooters did 25 – 30 years ago.

    Even locating some of these old war horses in new condition is near impossible without resorting to an arsenal refurbished or rebuilt rifle. It seems that Enfields in particular turn up in reasonably rough shape, few of them that I have run across could be considered nice examples. Finds like this one where the rifles are still in the wrap and haven’t been fired with the exception of proofing loads grab my attention.

    The seller has somehow squirreled away 4 brand new No4 Mk2 rifles and resisted the urge to unwrap any of them. I don’t know why they would be selling them off, but it seems like a reasonably good deal at $550 per rifle. Had the seller been willing to ship one of them off, I would have already been in contact, but sadly he has indicated that face to face transactions are the only way he will part with the unissued rifles.

    Check the listing out HERE.

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