Black Friday: F-1 Firearms safety selector

    F-1 Firearms is a Texas-based manufacturer with a lot of CNC machines.

    If you’ve seen some of their products before, you know they like to use and run their CNC cutters as well.

    To me, they’re most known for their uppers (and some other parts) where they have all the unnecessary surfaces and volumes milled out. The billet upper pictured, for instance, is a bit too “brave” for my usage, but it does look very nice and elegant.


    UDR-15-3G Billet Universal Upper Receiver


    On Black Friday, their new F-1 Firearms safety selector will go on sale.

    The selector is available in Ambi, with 60/90 or 90 degree versions.

    The kit contains two long and one short selector. Two detents for safety engagement with soft or hard feel is also included.F1-2

    According to F-1, dealers and distributors should have these selectors available too.

    If you want to have a look at F-1 Firearms, here is the link to their webpage:

    They offer a wide selection of parts and options to let you individualize your rifle.

    This goes for colors and materials as well.



    You can go black for stealth or more brave choices like silver, blue or red.

    I’m sure customers will be asking F-1 for the Rainbow when it comes to choices.

    Olive Drab (which they don’t have) for me please, but I guess OD doesn’t anodize very well.

    Zombie Green seems to be out of fashion by the end of 2016. All painters going to SHOT Show take note before the paint dries.

    Eric B

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