Suarez Expands Glock Line-Up with “Match” Glock Barrels

    Suarez International, known for training, avocation of red-dots on pistols, and quite a few Glock components, has announced their latest release, Glock “Match” grade barrels. The new barrels are 1/10″ twist to stabalize most common 9mm bullet weights, from 95 to 147 grains.

    The barrel blank is manufactured by Lothar Walther with all follow-on machining completed in the United States. Barrels are chrome-moly steel (no mention of  such as 4140 vs 4150, etc), completed in either a Melonite (nitrocarburization), “Aqua Terra Nickel”, or a Titanium Nitride for those wanting some “bling” on their handgun.

    To claim “match” readiness, the barrels feature “polished bores” with fully supported SAAMI spec match chambers. The barrel hood is made slightly over-sized (hand-fitting may be required), but Suarez states “significant increases in accuracy with no loss in reliability”. Suarez reports 1.25″ groups possible with match-grade loads.

    Barrels fit all current generations of Glock handguns, with options for Glock 17 full-size, 19 compact, 34/35 competition, and 43 sub-c

    ompact models. Pricing clocks in at $199 starting with most around $250. Adding threading looks to add $25. Various thread protectors are also available direct from Suarez.

    Details from Suarez International:

    Unhappy with the results of existing after market drop in barrels for the Glock system, we decided to make our own. After producing CNC testing sample barrels from various barrel blanks, we selected the best for accuracy standards. These barrels are precision machined from hand selected Lothar-Walther Chrome-moly Match blanks and will work perfectly with Glock factory slides or Suarez Match Slides. They feature a 1-10″ twist that retains our accuracy standards with a wide array of bullet weights (95 grain to 147 grain tested) suppressed or non-suppressed.

    These are Machined in the USA by the same American workers that manufacture our slides to match grade tolerances.  Nearly 3/4 of the solid steel billet is machined away to produce a single Suarez barrel. This intensive production method, providing the greatest material integrity and tightest tolerances, was chosen to assure the best quality barrel possible.

    The barrels are finished in Black Melonite inside and out. They have polished bores and fully supported SAAMI spec. match chambers.  Accuracy of 1.250 or better at 25yrds is obtainable with good ammo.Being Match Quality Barrels, they may require some fitting of the hood to fit your slide. We do offer these fittings for an ADDITIONAL charge.

    Perfect for Gen. 3 or 4 Glock 34 Slides. In our accuracy testing, this barrel out shot all other aftermarket barrels.

    • Machined from Lothar-Walther Chrome-Moly Match blanks.

    • Black Melonite Finished Inside and Out.

    • Machined in the USA by the same American workers that manufacture our slides to match quality.

    • Fully supported SAAMI spec. match chambers.

    • Significant increases in accuracy with no loss in reliability.

    • Available for all Generation Glock 34 9mm.

    • Non-Threaded.

    Nathan S

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