A Smart Marine with a Good Idea? Quick-Clotting Body Armor

    The running joke in the Marine Corps is that one tends to get their common sense and intelligence back with their DD-214. Having been in and living it for years, there is certainly some credence to the joke which often gets nods of understanding when told. However, its possible for Marines to break the cycle and eek out a good idea.

    All joking aside, many Marines I knew and still know are some of the best and brightest human beings I will ever know. 

    In steps a Motor Transport(!) Marine with a truly solid idea, fusing body armor and first aid into a single unit. Body armor or “flak jackets” as we Jarheads call them can be and are often pierced by ballistic-velocity debris.  One Corporal Matthew Long came up with the idea of then having a tear-proof package of clotting agent and painkillers installed inside the armor itself. In short, this greatly increases the treatment of the wound as the wound mechanism itself starts the treatment.


    Photo courtesy of the United States Marine Corps via Business Insider

    The idea was the result of of an internal Marine Corps Logistics Innovation Challenge, which seeks to use warfighter’s experience as a mechanism for innovation. According to Business Insider, Cpl. Long’s idea and nearly two dozen other projects are being considered for additional research and development. 

    Oorah, Cpl. Long!

    Oh, and check out Business Insider for additional details. 

    Nathan S

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