A Rifle Range Over a Highway? Only in Switzerland

    Ranges in the United States tend to be as far away from a highway as practical, but for those in Switzerland, its perfectly acceptable to build a range that fires over a highway. The Brunnlisau range in Switzerland is a 300 meter rifle range built over a main road leading up  the Simmental.

    Why? Because the Swiss tend to be entirely practically minded as its entirely possible to build a safe range with rounds passing over traffic.

    As the “Bloke on the Range” reviews, its all about how the range is set up. Fixed at 300 meters, the range makes use of clever engineering to create a baffle that so long as one is in the shoot house, makes it impossible for one to put a round on a trajectory that would impact a passing automobile. In fact, the baffle system is so secure, one can walk up to under the shooting house (or sit under it if they so choose).

    While it is safe under the baffle, it can be quite loud. To reach 300 meters, rounds are supersonic which creates a sonic boom as the projectiles travel over travelers.

    Fortunately, the butts look to be electronically monitored, so no need to cross the road (or look both ways) to enjoy shooting on an afternoon.

    For a full run-down of the range check out Bloke on the Range video below.

    Nathan S

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