Bullet Bouquets

    Nothing says “I Love You” over the holidays to your significant other like a vase of flowers… Made from Federal HST bullets! Bullet Bouquets is a crafty idea spawned from of all places, Reddit.

    Bullet Bouquets

    Bullet Bouquets “Shooter’s Hair Clip”

    An individual from Colorado saw someone else create a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift for his significant other. The gift was a billet aluminum flower pot with Federal HST flowers. In less than 3 days,¬†Anthony Zambai turned that Reddit prototype into an entire business. Anthony recounted the endeavor in one simple statement:

    I saw an opportunity to fill a need, then did it… REALLY QUICKLY!

    Bullet Bouquets

    Bullet Bouquets “Tie Tack”

    Although the flower pots are how Bullet Bouquets have made their mark that is not the end to the creativity. They now also offer hair clips, tie tacks, boutonnieres, barrettes, and magnets to supplement the blooming hollow-points. They even have gone as far as offering “lead-free” items.

    For the man or woman who is impossible to buy for and loves firearms, this would make a phenomenal present. Or if you want to be the coolest person at the range next weekend, buy it for yourself.

    If you are wondering how somebody could mass produce perfectly deformed Federal HST hollow-points, I will give you a hint… It does not require a scientific lab and a huge pile of money. Anthony shows everyone his strategy in this video:

    As you can simply see, if you have a safe environment to shoot into water, it can be done!

    To get yourself or someone special some of these blooming hollow-points, check out Bullet Bouquets HERE.

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