AWD Pro from Action Target

    AWD Control Screen

    Action Target released several new products in recent months that can enhance the shooting and training experience. One is called the AWD Pro.

    The AWD, or All Wheel Drive, Pro is a target retriever designed for use on an indoor range. Instead of being a basic forward and backward toggle switch, this system wirelessly controls the target hanger through a mounted touch screen interface.

    The control screen allows the shooter to set up various target behaviors and timing drills. For example, the target may be turned 90˚ away from the shooter, then at a random time interval, turn to face the shooter for a brief period of time. To further mix things up, the targets can be programmed to only partially turn or even turn all the way around. Part of the AWD Pro system are pre-designed self-defense programs that might help you improve shooting skills under pressure.

    Precise distances can be programed into the controls. This could come in handy for friendly competitions or training for a competition where you know what the precise distances will be. Conveniently, the AWD Pro actually has several games built into the system that you can use with your friends.

    Lighting can also be controlled by the AWD Pro. Not only can varying light levels be programmed, but flashes of light replicating a muzzle flash or even police car strobe lights can be added to meet your training needs.

    If you are a range owner, you might be concerned about the added cost of such a system. Research done by Action target shows that shooters using this system:

    • use 23% more ammunition
    • 90% will shoot for longer periods of time
    • 90% will travel farther to use a range with this system
    • 80% of shooters are willing to pay a premium to use this system.
    Richard Johnson

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