Nine People + Two Firearms = 111 Weapons Charges In Toronto

    That math does not seem to add up to me. But what do I know? Im not from Toronto nor work in Law Enforcement.

    According to, Toronto Police Services raided a home as part of an investigation into an armed robbery. Nine people were arrested, among them a 12 year old girl.

    Those arrested, range in age from a 39-year-old woman to the 12-year-old girl. Only three are over the age of 18, and one of the adults hasn’t been identified by police. Kwong said doing so would identify the underage suspects.

    Police said two guns were seized—which they identified as a 9mm machine pistol and a .45 calibre carbine—along with several dozen rounds of ammunition.

    It’s unclear to police if either the carbine or the machine pistol is fully automatic. Kwong said the Toronto Police Service won’t specify these details until their analysis is complete.

    First of all it is not a machine pistol. Nothing about that says pistol. Whether it is full auto is a different story. From the picture those are not Machine Pistols. The 9mm SBR doesn’t even look like it has a barrel, but it is probably a super short barrel just under that barrel nut.

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