CHAMPION Debuts Their Workhorse Electronic Trap

    Workhorse Electronic Trap

    Champion Traps & Targets likely asked themselves some hard questions when developing the Workhorse Electronic Trap. What is the biggest hindrance to shooters using an automated thrower?… The sheer size. What else deters shooters from buying automated throwers?… The big price tag.

    Champion hopes to have solved both of these issues in their newest trap thrower. They tout it can fit in most any vehicle’s trunk. So it is very compact relative to throwers in the past or competitors. It also has a removable “magazine” which can hold up to 50 clay pigeons. This is partly for the compact dis-assembly and convenience in loading it.

    The Workhorse Electronic Trap can be set to launch pigeons from 3 different angles potentially out to 75 yards. So whether it is near or far you should be able to find a way to challenge yourself. It also features a 2 1/2 second reset so veterans and novices alike can test their skills.

    The staff at Champion Traps & Targets is pretty excited about this new installment including Eliza Graves, Brand Manager for Champion:

    Moving up to an electronic trap was once a major investment in space and money. Not anymore… The Workhorse Electronic Trap helps you shoot better and have fun with ease and a minimum investment.

    The Workhorse Electronic Trap has an MSRP of $359.95 making it pretty affordable. Most gun shops should be displaying these for quite a bit less once they become readily available. After all, MSRP is only the suggested retail price.

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