Subsonic Controlled Fracturing Bullet from Lehigh Defense

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Lehigh Defense bullet

Lehigh Defense announced a new 176 grain bullet in its Controlled Fracturing line of projectiles. The new bullet is designed for subsonic use in 300 BLK, 300 Whisper and .308 Winchester cartridges.

These all copper bullets have pre-stressed fracture points with a brass center post sort of like a floating, over sized HydraShok post. When the bullet strikes flesh, it violently expands creating a large wound channel. The petals of the expanded bullet break off while the center core continues to penetrate. The company states the core will penetrate a minimum of 18″ while the petals will go at least 10″.

Lehigh Defense is careful to note that these are not frangible rounds made of compressed, powdered metal, but instead machined from bar stock. Since expansion does not occur until and unless they strike something like flesh, they are safe to use in gun with an attached sound suppressor.

The company lists the preferred velocity range of these bullets as 750 – 1,200 fps. For optimum stabilization in .308 Win, the company also recommends a 1:10″ twist on barrels of any length with a velocity of 1,040 fps. No specific guidance for 300 BLK/Whisper is given for these.

Unlike the typical advice given to handloaders to start with a minimum charge and work up, Lehigh Defense suggests starting with a higher charge and working down. They recommend this to avoid getting a monolithic bullet stuck in the rifle bore.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Old Tofu Old Tofu on Nov 17, 2016

    why would the recommendations be any different for 300blk vs 308 ? same bullet , size and mission. just curious , not trying to be a smart ass . . . this time

  • Noob Noob on Nov 18, 2016

    Gel videos please!

    also can the brass core penetrate armor?