POTD: 7″ HERA Arms CQR with Magpul D60

    We’ve written a few posts about the HERA Arms CQR stock and grip.

    Here’s a brand new picture that we can’t resist sharing. A HERA Arms with a 7″ rail and a Magpul D60 attached. It looks like all this metal and polymer was made for each other – I want to own this configuration!

    Note how the Magpul D60 seems to integrate with the front grip, and blend in.

    Upcoming: The latest HERA H3 magazines, and Hera HFG vertical grips, landed on my desk just a few minutes ago, so they will be filled up this evening and go into testing for a review. Too much snow here, but I will find a way to head to the shooting range for some 223 Rem and 300 BLK.





    2016-11-13 23.37.44


    If you been offline for the last few weeks, and unaware of the HERA stock and grips, please find the previous articles below.

    They will be available fairly soon and the prices look very attractive. Considering the attention and feedback the pictures got, I’m sure they will sell in no time.

    New AR-magazines from HERA Arms. Plus prices for the CQR stock and grip

    The will also be a California legal version.

    HERA Arms CQR Stock and CQR Front grip


    Those interested in the CQR will be happy to read this update from earlier today: “First samples of the CQR are on their way from Germany and are at LAX right now!!! that means if everything goes well…..Pre-sales time!!! Stay tuned!!

    Who will post pictures of the first build?


    Update: Pictures of the HERA H3 magazines, hot news melting the snow.

    2016-11-16 13.30.48-1_resize

    And the HERA HFG grip below, a bit more traditional than the CQR.

    The rifle is a Troy PAR, and the grip is mounted on the Picatinny pump.

    2016-11-14 16.30.23_resize