OPINION: How Is The Outcome Of The Presidential Election Going To Affect Gun Owners?

    I won’t say who I voted for, nor are we going to talk politics. What will the outcome of the last presidential election going to change for gun owners?

    Had the election gone a different path we all know that retailers wouldn’t have a thing in stock just like 2008, but what does the gun market look like now that Trump is the President-Elect? Just about any retailer worth their salt has been hoarding product in preparation of a politicly induced panic. While many of you will balk at that, think of all the gun shops and retailers that failed when they weren’t able to get things to sell in the last couple of panics.

    Being in the shooting industry for my 9-5 job, I watched some of the most speculative companies buy pallets of ammo, magazines, and guns over the last year. They are so over stock that at some point in the next year they will have to move some of it. There will be such an abundance of product that I predict AR-15s, magazines, and ammunition will likely fall to record lows. As a shooter this makes me very happy, I imagine that I will be stocking up on parts, mags, and ammo.

    Does this mean that we might see $400 factory ARs as the norm? PMAGS for $8.99? What about brass cased .223 for under $300 per thousand shipped? I sure as hell hope so because shooting can get expensive.

    We shall see what happens in the coming months.