NEW BULLETS: Berger Launches More Elite Hunter Tips

    Elite Hunter

    Berger continues to pump out more and more offerings after recently being acquired by Nammo Group. A few weeks ago they announced more Classic Hunter bullets to the public. Now they have 3 new offerings available out of their Elite Hunter line.

    What makes this bullet tip desirable is their unique bullet profile. It is very similar to that of the Hybrid Target, but offered in more hunting-typical grain weights and calibers. The new offerings are as follows:

    • 6.5mm 140 Grain Elite Hunter
    • 7mm 175 Grain Elite Hunter
    • .30 Cal 180 Grain Elite Hunter

    This bolsters their line-up to 7 choices for consumers. These hunting bullets can serve a dual purpose for long range hunting or simply target shooting. Berger expands on this thought:

    [The Elite Hunter]┬ácombines the best of tangent and secant ogive features, resulting in unmatched downrange performance with less sensitivity to seating depth. Elite Hunters are not limited to SAAMI standards. The much longer bullet nose and similar ballistic coefficients (BC’s) rival all competitors’ match-quality target bullets! The Elite Hunter bullets are ideal for use with extended magazine rifles or single-feed performance applications.

    For those who try to poke antelope from a section away or attempt to touch an elk from across a valley, the Elite Hunter is worth developing some test loads for. The ballistic coefficients are prime to shoot well in most rifles. Be sure to reference Berger’s chart to verify your twist rate is favorable for it.

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