Match Grade Brass by Peterson Cartridge

    Peterson Cartridge is a rifle cartridge case manufacturer located in Warrendale, PA. Their products are precision made for long range shooting needs.

    They have a full production line of a pretty large scale: about 100,000 cases per week. Their production starts from raw materials and passes all the steps in-house to become a final product. Some stages of manufacturing process are shown in the video below:

    Peterson Cartridge uses a number of various tests in different manufacturing stages to ensure the match grade quality of their brass. The tests include visual and dimensional inspections, composition and grain structure analysis, hardness and pressure tests, internal volume, weight and wall thickness measurements, function tests etc.

    Peterson Cartridge Tests - 1

    Peterson Cartridge Tests - 2

    Peterson Cartridge Tests - 3

    Peterson Cartridge manufactures only rifle cartridge cases and they take pride in their specialization of manufacturing a single component – the brass case. High-end machinery, attention to details and multiple tests allow them to make precise and consistent brass, which is the key in reaching success in their target market.

    Right now, Peterson offers the following cartridge cases. Prices below are per box of 50 cases.

    1. .408 CheyTac
    2. .375 CheyTac
    3. .338 Lapua Magnum ($118.5)
    4. 6.5mm Creedmoor
    5. .260 Remington ($49.94)
    6. .308 Winchester ($38.5)
    7. .308 Palma
    8. .300 Winchester Magnum ($51.5)

    Those cases which prices are not specified are out of stock and have a “Coming Soon” status. Reportedly, they will be available by the end of the year.





    Peterson Cartridge
    761 Commonwealth Drive, Suite 201
    Warrendale, PA 15086
    General Questions:
    P: (724) 940-7552

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