Long range tests with the ATN ThOR Smart HD 5-50x thermal riflescope

    The ATN ThOR-HD 640 5-50x makes me wanna sell my car. I don’t really have a need for it, but we live in a Golden Age of new technology and I wanted a thermal rifle scope ever since I watched The Predator.

    I figured it’s very soon 30 years ago The Predator was released, so it’s about time I tick a thermal sight off the bucket list.

    Below: ATN ThOR Smart HD 5-50x thermal riflescope long range test, 100mm/640×480 native sensor


    Finnaccuracy just released their first benchmark tests. They test from close to long range, checking the performance of the new ATN Thor-series flagship, with 100mm objective and 640×480 sensor.


    Below: 25 meter “rain color” palette


    Below: Person at 25 m carrying H&K MP5 with vertical grip and Aimpoint T-2. Car passing behind, at approximately 650 meters.


    Red = warmer


    Although far away, the ThOr detects the heat. Green = heat. The color can be switched.


    In the menu, use the keyboard arrows and switch between different reticles. You can choose the preferred shape depends on your purpose and your “zeroing” of the rifle and distance.


    First screen you’ll see after switching on the device is the Home Screen. It consist of Scales, Status Bar icons and different Information Widgets.

    Detect your prey with the power of thermal. Take your shot with confidence using the help of the Smart Shooting Solution. Record everything with the press of a button and share with your friends and family.


    There seems to be so many features available, with SD cards, Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi. I wonder how the battery life is? Think I have to buy one to find out.

    ATN’s product page for the ThOR 640 5-50x can be found here.

    Finally, here’s the video from Finnaccuracy.

    Note: Captured videos are darker than they actually look trough the scope. Also manual focusing causes occasional blurriness in some clips.

    Eric B

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