SIG Sauer LIMA5 Laser Grip Module

    SIG Sauer Electro-Optics launched their new LIMA5 Laser Grip Module. It is basically a frame for SIG P320 and P250 pistols incorporating an integral laser sight.

    LIMA5 - 1

    As you know both SIG P320 and P250 have their serial numbers on the fire control assembly. The latter is considered the firearm and the actual polymer frame is legally not a firearm. That allows swapping different kinds of frames still having one firearm, and the LIMA5 is another frame option with integrated laser sight. Its seamless design makes it compact, stealth and slim. It comes with either a red (Oclaro) or green (Osram) laser options.


    The laser itself is in the dust cover portion of the frame, but the single CR-1/3N battery is inside the backstrap of the grip. That feature allows the user to easily change the battery. The laser switch button is located on the front portion of the grip and it is actuated when the gun is gripped. Reportedly, screws under the dust cover are mounting platform provision for a future flashlight to be integrated there. That explains why LIMA5 does not have an accessory rail under the laser.

    LIMA5 is available through a number of dealers. Right now it is priced $199.99 for the red laser and $299.99 for the green one in .

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