MEC Goes Metal

    MEC Marksman

    Well known for its shotshell reloading equipment, MEC Shooting Sports announced it was branching out into metallic reloading. Leading off its new line of reloading gear is the Marksman press.

    The MEC Marksman is a single stage press made of cast iron. According to the company, the press is good to load cartridges up to .416 Rigby. Standard 7/8-14 dies are used in this press, so all of the existing commercial dies from Lee, RCBS and the rest should work fine.

    According to the company, the press has a patent pending shell holder that is self centering.

    MEC Shooting Sports made plain its intentions to grow an entire line of metallic reloading gear. While specific product announcements have not yet been made, the company stated it will offer a powder measure, powder trickler, case prep tools, powder scale and other tools.

    The company also stated it will offer components. It will be interesting to see if the company introduces MEC branded cases or bullets, or will just sell components from other companies. Due to the incredible costs associated with setting up and running a manufacturing facility for powder and/or primers, I doubt the company has plans along those lines.

    The SHOT Show is in January. Expect to hear more announcements from MEC at that time.

    Richard Johnson

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