Uronen Precision Throw Lever for Zeiss V8 rifle scopes

    Uronen Precision from Finland is not unknown to regulars of TFB. Earlier this year we wrote about their new calibre .300 UP.

    It’s a small family company, but they do a lot of clever R&D and when they’re not busy developing new calibers they from time to time release some interesting hardware.

    With the arrival of the Zeiss V8 1.1-8×30 a lot of the top practical rifle shooters switched and left the Swarovski Z6i (1-6 power).

    In a lot of situations in practical shooting there is a need to change from one magnification to another, sometimes several times in a stage. Of course, this could happen in hunting as well.

    After all; you have that 8 power scope, but the zoom lever on the scope is pretty difficult to manipulate. There’s a lot of built in friction, so you need a throw lever to increase the torque.

    When you’re competing against the clock (points divided by time) you want to be able to change from, for instance 1 power to 6 or 8 power, quickly and perhaps back again in the shortest time frame.

    The tail also makes it easier to find the zoom function itself with your fingers, as your eyes is most likely on the next target, not your scope.

    Below: Norwegian Team Captain Kristian Rommen with Zeiss V8, Aimpoint in Spuhr mount at the ERC2015. Note the throw level, which is an improvised solution at the time, and Taran Tactical Magpul extension. Using ASV ballistic turret as well.


    Unfortunately, with new scopes there are seldom throw levers that fit.

    With the arrival of my Zeiss V8, I managed to take one of my old cat tails (another word for throw lever) and – by miracle – attach it. It worked, but it was far from a perfect fit and I was worried that it might break any minute. Now I have used the UP Throw lever for some time and it works very well.

    Regardless which Zeiss V8 you have, I think the Uronen Precision Throw Lever for Zeiss V8 is a must buy.

    It adds a lot of functionality to your scope, and makes you wonder why Zeiss didn’t put it there in the first place or at least could offer it as an accessory?

    A throw lever is perfect for competition, hunting and, if you’re using the higher magnification scopes, for long range shooting.

    I know there are a few “red neck” solution for attaching a throw lever to a scope, that will save you some money. That’s fine, but if I buy an expensive scope to my high-end competition rifle I want top quality components all trough.

    Below: Uronen also offers a pretty neat scope mount for railed Zeiss V8s. Very slim solution.


    If you’re interested in buying, the UP Throw Level is available locally in their Finnish webshop, but for for foreign orders, please contact Uronen Precision directly via email ([email protected]).

    The price is around €80 (88 USD).

    Have a Swarovski? There’s a solution for the Z6i and the Z8i as well.


    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.