POTD: Running And Gunning For 50 Years


    Albrecht Moser is a former Swiss Soldier. He is a long distance runner and has competed in the Waffenlauf. The Waffenlauf is a 43K long race. So about the same as a marathon. Competitors are current or former military. The race must be ran wearing full uniform, marching boots, ruck that weighs no less than 13.6-pounds and includes either a standard Swiss Army Stgw 90 (SIG 550), Stgw 57 (SIG SG 510) or old school WWII-era K.31 bolt action rifle. Female soldiers are not required to carry a rifle but their packs must weigh 11 lbs.

    Albrecht Moser has raced Waffenlauf since the 70s. He has 56 wins for long distance running. Eight of them are national championships. You can see he loves to run with his K31 Swiss.