Indo Defense 2016 Trade Show

    Thanks to my friend Irfan for taking and sending these pics to me. In the main photo above, that is a boat with a turret on it. It is dubbed “Tank Boat”.


    Komodo Armament, now that is a cool name.




    Komodo’s 3D printed pistol frame.


    Tanfoglio TCMP





    This is the Savox Thor Helmet. It is a modular helmet system that has integrated power for communications, NVGs, cameras and any other electronic system you can think of. According to my friend, it is a bit hefty at 2.6kg which is 5.7 pounds.14914612_10153840376820826_235717291_n 14914753_10153840376760826_435096846_n



    Below is a Beretta ARX in 7.62×39.



    This is the .308 Beretta ARX. 14962873_10153840377005826_405003309_n


    The turret ontop of this vehicle can be remotely manipulated and fired from inside using this video game like controller. Also you can see it can be aimed using the on board gun camera.  14962261_10153840376430826_401786985_n 14962259_10153840376580826_2067895031_n 14962250_10153840377595826_999313140_n

    This is some sort of laser simulation system. I believe similar to US Army’s MILES.

    14958735_10153840378090826_1577203835_n 14958405_10153840378045826_275755300_n


    The rifle on top is an Indonesian made Pindad. I was told it is a copy of an FNC.  14958319_10153840377915826_1607086656_n   14937106_10153840377705826_1313235990_n 14885731_10153840377995826_350575315_n


    Thanks to Irfan for sharing these with us.

    Nicholas C

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