POTD: Wheel Of Destruction

    Last month I posted the Wheelgun Wednesday photo. Here is a wheel of guns but of a slightly different variety. These are shotguns by Blackaces Tactical. As you can see in the photo, they are magazine fed pump action shotguns. Blackaces Tactical offers a unique firearm that is cleverly classified as only FIREARM. Normally Shotguns are classified as smooth bore and having a barrel be 18.5 inches or longer. Any barrel shorter than that is either considered a short barreled shotgun (SBS) or Any Other Weapon (AOW). The Blackaces Tactical took a look at what criteria the ATF determines a certain classification of firearm. So their DT series firearms actually falls into loop holes of what it can’t be so it can only be classified as firearm.
    Here is how it works, it is not a shotgun because it is not shoulder fired and the barrel is too short. So then it must be AOW right? Nope, overall length makes it not AOW. It is not a Pistol since it has a vertical grip. Pistols cannot have vertical grips. Since the characteristics of the DT series firearms do not fit into any specific category, the ATF determined that it must be simply a firearm. So you don’t need a tax stamp for it. Rather clever.