A Case Colored Ruger Mark IV From Turnbull? AWESOME!!!

    Who dosen’t like shooting a .22 pistol? I can’t think of anyone. How about shooting arguably the best .22 pistol on the market with a sexy case colored finish? I know I wouldn’t say no.

    Turnbull has fully embraced the brand new Ruger Mark IV by offering a limited run of case colored pistols (cue my friend Jeremy from TTAG drooling) to bring the new .22 pistol to the market in style. While it appears that no other enhancements have been made to the pistol, it sure is pretty.

    The new Ruger Mark IV is an improvement over the outgoing Mark III for several reasons, the most important of those is the improved manner of taking the pistol down for cleaning. My Mark III is such a pain in the rear that I often don’t clean it like I should, leading to malfunctions. The new gun requires only a press of a button on the back of the grip to separate the upper and lower.

    The Turnbull Ruger Mark IV will be offered with their excellent case colored finish, a stainless bolt, adjustable sights, gray polymer grips with red emblems, and a black frame. MSRP is set at $595, well within reach of consumers.

    You can learn more about the new finish offered on the Ruger Mark IV by visiting Turnbull’s website HERE.